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Clena Poly 20 ¾”

CLENA POLY 20 ¾” is made of 100% heavy polyester yarn.
CLENA POLY 20 ¾” is heatset and preshrunk.
CLENA POLY 20 ¾” can be knotted, stapled, or fused. CLENA POLY 20 ¾” can be used on ironers with temperatures up to 350°F.
Stapling: Fasten with stapler using at least nine staples.

Knotting: Tie a square knot.

Fusing: Use a CLENACORP TAPE WELDER, except for Nomex.
Available in:

¾” 100 yards per roll

¾” 400 yard spools
Secial Finish

Heat Resistant

Strong and Ruable

Does not Shrink

All Clena Ironer Tapes have approximate break strengths of 225-240 PSI.

Fusing ironer tapes versus stapling or knotting will increase the life of the tape on a flatwork ironer.