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Clena Form #2

Cleaner for Steam Heated Forms, Press Plates and Hand Irons

CLENA FORM #2 is a creamy hot surface cleaner with specially formulated cleaning agents.

CLENA FORM #2 will clean and remove accumulations of sizing and other residues on stainless or aluminum boarding or finishing forms, including press plates used on steam presses.

CLENA FORM #2 can also be used on hand steam irons.

CLENA FORM #2 is environmentally safe.
1. Cover hands and arms with appropriate protective covering.

2. Pass steam through plates, forms, or hand irons.

3. Saturate a dampened cloth with CLENA FORM #2.

4. Allow CLENA FORM #2 to sizzle and fry, holding the dampened saturated cloth against hot surfaces to be cleaned. Gently rub until residue releases.

5. For heavily built-up residues, saturate a pad of medium grade steel wool, place on a damp cloth and follow procedure #4.

6. Wipe the treated surface with a damp cloth to remove the excess build-up.

7. For excessive heavy residues it may be necessary to repeat the above procedure.

8. When plates or forms are completely cleaned, remove and rinse with a soap or detergent solution. Then dry and replace.

WARNING: Do not attempt to clean any hot surfaces without adequate covering on hands and arms.

Available in:

6 quarts per case

16 quarts per case