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Clena Form #1

Liquid Ironer Cleaner and Polisher With Anti-Static Agents Heat Range up to 340°F
CLENA FORM #1 is a specially formulated flatwork ironer cleaner for cleaning and polishing flatwork ironer chests.

CLENA FORM #1 is a smooth creamy liquid formulation and contains no volatile solvents.

CLENA FORM #1 contains WX-54 Anti Static compound to reduce static on your flatwork.

CLENA FORM #1 will not stain, will not carbonize, or form build-ups on flatwork ironer chests.

CLENA FORM #1 is environmentally safe.
1. Soak two (2) double size sheets in CLENA FORM #1. Hand squeeze removing excess liquid. Sheet must be thoroughly saturated with CLENA FORM #1.

2. Slow flatwork ironer to a slow speed.

3. Feed saturated sheets through the left and then through the right side of your flatwork ironer.

4. Repeat and saturate sheets as necessary until chest appears clean and polished.

5. Follow with dampened sheets to complete cleaning process.
6. Following this cleaning and polishing process, lubricate with CLENA COTE or CLENA POWDERED WAX.
WARNING: During winter months keep CLENA FORM #1 from freezing. Store in a warm area whenever possible.
Available in:

5 gallon pails

55 gallon drums