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Clena Cote

Flatwork Ironer Lubricant
CLENA COTE is a heat resistant lubricant in paste form.

CLENA COTE is designed to prevent buildup of alkali, starches and other accumulated residues on your flatwork ironers.

CLENA COTE must be used on hot surfaces.

CLENA COTE will not stain, will not carbonize, or form buildups on flatwork ironer chests.

CLENA COTE is paste that spreads and applies easily.

CLENA COTE is odorless, and maintains full coating film on covers and chests.

Regular use of CLENA COTE will reduce ironovers, prevent and increase ironer efficiency.

CLENA COTE is environmentally safe.

1. Spread 12 to 18 inches of CLENA COTE across the width of a wax and clean cloth, making sure cloth is saturated with CLENA COTE.

2. Rerun a second time.

3. Once a week, recoat wax and clean cloth with CLENA COTE.

TREATMENT CLOTHS When not in use, should be stored in a closed steel container to offset possibility of spontaneous combustion. This is the same precaution required for any paint, oil, grease, or wax saturated fabric in industry as well as home use.

35 pound pails

430 pound drums

Establish a maintenance program of cleaning and waxing regularly with CLENA PRODUCTS. A clean chest with proper lubrication will increase ironer efficiency